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Social Sciences: News and newspapers

A collection of information resources and guidance for Social Sciences students

Featured source - tutorial

A video from Gale a Cengage Company introducing Gale Primary Resources.

BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

A screenshot of the BoB homepage

BoB - On Demand TV and Radio (Box of Broadcasts) is an archive of UK television and radio from the last several years, provided to UK Higher Education institutions.

You can watch or listen to entire programmes as well as create short clips from them (great for presentation work!). It covers many different channels and is a great source for documentaries.

To access, go to the BoB homepage and select Sign in. You will then need to search for the name of your university to proceed any further.

News websites (not newspapers)

Introduction - using news sources

the word newsNews sources can be really useful for academic study, particularly if you want your study to reflect current interests and concerns. Remember, your tutors will often want you to use up-to-date sources in your essays and assignments.

Your university provides a range of resources for accessing the news, and there arnumerous high-quality news sites as well. 

It's also really easy to reference various types of news sources using Cite-Them-Right, of which we have many copies in the library.

Access to current national newspapers through your university

  • The Financial Times: All three Universities at Medway provide access to, including the contents of the newspaper and additional online resources. This is not only useful for business students, as it provides a wealth of information about companies and organisations in all spheres of life. You will need to create an account to use this resource, using your university email address.

  • Nexis and LexisLibrary: All three Universities at Medway have access to this, which provides access to a wide range of current UK national and local newspapers (broadsheet and tabloid), including the full text of the articles. These services generally do not include adverts, images, layout etc.

  • UK Press Online (available via University of Kent): Provides the full content of various historical and current newspapers, exactly as they appeared in print. This includes the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Daily Star. University of Kent UK Press Online link.

Access to historical newspapers through your university

All 3 Universities at Medway have access to historical collections of newspapers through Gale NewsVault. See below a list of the sources included:

Select the individual collections e.g. 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers,19th Century British Library Newspapers19th Century UK Periodicals) from the Online databases and academic journals page on the Portal. 

Select Gale Newsvault from the A-Z list of e-resources, or find more details on the library's newspaper collections here.

Select Gale Newsvault from the 'Find Databases A-Z' page on LibrarySearch.