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Social Sciences: Library essentials

A collection of information resources and guidance for Social Sciences students

Introduction - what is the Library Essentials dashboard?

We know students are short on time and when the going gets tough, learning new stuff about the library is one of the first things to get shelved for another day (or week, or lifetime).

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On this page, we've gathered together the most essential and important information you'll need to know about us to get through your degree.

These videos and instructions are short and to the point, but you can use the other tabs in this guide to explore our services in more detail whenever you like.

Medway Skills Corner

A large desk and screen. Next to them, a colourful sign reads "Medway Skills Corner"In the Group Study Zone, you'll find a space for drop-in support. We have scheduled sessions for library skills, academic skills and maths/stats help running here.

See the Drill Hall Library events page for up-to-date details about upcoming drop-ins.


Colourful headphonesHelp and advice from your librarian

Please contact your subject's librarian or email with your queries. Or Tweet the Drill Hall - @drillhalllib. Or contact us via Facebook. We will try to answer your query by email/Twitter/Facebook, but we can also offer online tutorials, which will allow you to share your screen with us.

We will cover enquiries as a team and we are very keen to help you.

Drop-in support

We offer drop-in support on various skills - see the Medway Skills Corner box on this page.

Video basics

Teaching support

Teaching and training

The librarians offer a lot of teaching and training as part of the courses run at the Medway campus. Academic staff and course reps can contact their librarian to arrange this. We teach about finding, evaluating and managing information in different forms. See the Learning and Teaching Support Offer for more details.