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Pharmacy: Pharmacy on the web

A collection of information resources and guidance for Pharmacy students

Using the web for pharmacy information

The internet can be one of the most valuable tools in your quest for information during your time at university. However, with so much information out there, it can be very hard to find the best information, or to know that you've found it when you've got it!

Use the ideas on this page to start making smart use of online information to support your studies.

Health-related statistics

You can find statistics on all sorts of websites, but these are likely to be the most reliable sources.

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There are loads of apps available to help with studying. If you use an app for health-related information is is extremely important to make sure it comes from a reliable source such as NICE (eg Nice Guidance app) or the Resuscitation Council (iResus app).

If you are not sure where clinical information is coming from, it is wise not to rely on it!

Useful sites for Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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  • British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

    Loads of resources including e-learning modules. Some features require free registration.

  • British Pharmacological Society

    Useful resources from the BPS, a global community of people interested in advancing research and application of pharmacology.

  • DrugWise

    Dedicated to providing evidence-based information on addictive substances, including a section on prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

  • eMC (electronic Medicines Compendium)

    Source of up to date information on all drugs legally used in the UK. Includes SPCs (Summaries of Product Charactestistics), PILs (Patient Information Leaflets) and so on. [NOTE: if referencing material from eMC, the author is almost certainly not eMC - it's probably the company who manufacture the drug.]

  • Guide to Pharmacology

    Initially developed by the British Pharmacological Society and IUPHAR, this is a great source for pharmacology information. Its key areas are quantitative data on drug targets, prescription medicines and other drugs.

  • IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project

    High-quality curated learning objects for topics in pharmacology, this is particularly helpful for level 4 and 5 study.

  • Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

    Organisation representing English NHS community pharmacies.

Sources of official information

Checkboxes being marked with a pink highlighter pen.These sites are often your best bets when starting a search for web-based information.

Clinical trials

A die with images of people instead of spots.These sites provide info about clinical trials:

Useful chemistry websites

  • The Royal Society of Chemistry

    Website contains lots of useful resources across a wide range of topics, including links to a variety of tools, including:

    • Chemspider (for information on chemical structures)
    • CCDC (for crystallography)
    • LearnChemistry (resources for teachers and students at all levels)


  • Chemical Entities of Biological Interest

    A dictionary of molecular entities focused on "small" chemical compounds.

  • ChEMBL
  • A useful resource for drug discovery, covering drug-like small molecules.

  • Chemical Safety Library

    Provided by the American Chemical Society, this site is intended to alert scientists and researchers to experiments which may be hazardous.