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Music and Arts: Books and CDs

A collection of information resources and guidance for Music & Arts students

Most borrowed Music & Arts books

Cover of the Rough Guide to World Muic
Cover of Ethnomusicology and African Music:collected papers
Cover of the Hitory of Live Music in Britain. Volume 2
Cover of the Instant Composers Pool and Improvisation beyond Jazz
Cover of Great Songwriting Techniques
Cover of Listening to Rap: an Introduction
Cover of Music Analysis in the Nineteenth Century
Cover of The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring your Career in Classical Music
Cover of Music Business Essentials: a Guide for Aspiring Professionals
Cover of Audio Engineering 101: a Beginner's Guide to Music Production

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We try really hard to make sure that you have access to all the resources you need. 

If you:

  • cannot find a reading list text on LibrarySearch
  • think there are too few copies of a text in the library
  • want something specific for your own interest or research

then please send me an email or speak to one of your student representatives.

Introduction - Books, books, books

Books are an essential resource for academic study (though you will need to go beyond them!). Luckily, we have well over 100,000 of them in the Drill Hall Library, and access to thousands of electronic books as well.

Bookshelf containing brightly coloured books.

You can find physical and electronic books through your university LibrarySearch, using the options in the left-hand menu.

  • Kent - go to LibrarySearch and ensure you are logged in.
  • Greenwich - log in to the Portal, go to the My Learning (students) or Learning Support (staff) page and click the link to LibrarySearch from here. Ensure you log in. This works much more effectively than going directly to LibrarySearch.
  • CCCU - go to LibrarySearch and ensure you are logged in.

Search the Drill Hall Library catalogue

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Useful dewey numbers for Music & Arts

Subject Dewey number
Acoustics 534
Digital audio systems 621.3893
General music 780-789
Composition (music) 781.3
Music techniques 781.4
Opera 782.1
Popular music 782.66
Chamber music 785

Subject Dewey number
Computer graphics 006.6
General art 700-779
History of art 709
Sculpture 730
Drawing 741
Painting 750-759
Photography 770-779
Subject Dewey number
The arts 700
Galleries and Museums 708
Music 780
Recreational and performing arts 790
Public performances 791
Stage presentations 792
Indoor games and amusements 793


The Drill Hall Library has a collection of CDs in the Quiet Study Zone, including classical, modern and popular music. Most CDs can be borrowed for 4 weeks.


Ebooks are available from each university - these can be accessed from home and in most cases can be used by multiple people at once.

Search your university LibrarySearch, and select ebooks from the left-hand menu. If no ebook option appears, it simply means we don't have any ebooks for that search, but you can always try a different search.


Note: you may need to view the video in full screen mode to see the captions.

Perplexed by Dewey?

Books in our library are arranged according to a system called Dewey Decimal Classification.

Drag to arrange the images below in the right order. If you can do this, finding books on the shelves will be a breeze! 

The shelf mark stickers of 10 books from the library.