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Health & Medical: Journals and articles (LibrarySearch)

A collection of information resources and guidance for Health & Medical students

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Introduction - why journals?

Journals are an absolutely vital source of information for health-related subjects, but what are they and why should you use them? 

At their most basic, they are academic magazines - full of articles by a range of people covering topics across a particular field of study or professional practice. These articles might report research, review the literature, consider best clinical practice or present expert opinion. Journal articles are often the best place to find the most up-to-date information on a topic.

Most journals are accessed on-line, though we do have a few print journals in the library. You can find the details of journal articles through LibrarySearch or by using a database - see the databases page for more info on this.

Finding articles through LibrarySearch

A menu from LibrarySearch with options for Academic Journals, Reports, Magazines and Dissertations.

  • ‚ÄčLogin to LibrarySearch.
  • Search for your chosen topic.
  • Clicking the title of the article will give you an abstract (summary) of the article, which will help you decide whether to read the whole thing.
  • Once you have found an article you want to read, click the blue View Online box for links through to the article.For some articles, you will need to "log in" to verify that you have access. DO NOT enter your university username/password unless your normal university login screen appears.
  • You may need to click links saying "Institutional login" or similar, and you may need to search for the name of your university.
  • Please contact your librarian if you are having a particular problem using LibrarySearch or accessing articles.

Understanding articles

If you're not used to reading journal articles, this guide may be a useful starting point.

Activity - what are journals?