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Health & Medical: Books

A collection of information resources and guidance for Health & Medical students

New Health and Medical books in the Drill Hall Library

The UK communicative development inventories : words and gestures
Motor speech disorders : substrates, differential diagnosis, and management
JRCALC clinical guidelines 2021. Pocket book.
Musculoskeletal assessment : joint range of motion, muscle testing, and function
Fundamentals of the physical therapy examination
Cover art for  Essentials of pathophysiology for nursing practice
AMLS : advanced medical life support
Analgesia, anaesthesia and pregnancy : a practical guide
Postoperative nausea and vomiting : a practical guide
Diagnostic ultrasound. Musculoskeletal
Essential surgery : problems, diagnosis and management.
Mental health in later life : taking a life course approach
Cardiovascular physiology concepts

Fantastic free resource

A book cover: mind the gap, which has stripes of varied skin tones running top to bottom.Black and Brown Skin is an online resource developed by Malone Mukwende, a medical student from St George's. It showcases how a range of diseases are presented clinically on black and brown skin. Most of the images in textbooks tend to be of white skin, so this project addresses this important gap.

It includes a downloadable handbook named Mind the Gap: A handbook of clinical signs in Black and Brown skin, but the site continues to be updated with new examples.

Most-borrowed health books: September 2021


The Drill Hall Library has a small number of useful health-related DVDs available. The DVDs are shelved in the Group Study Zone (behind the Lifestyle Collection) and are listed on our catalogue. 

Books, books, books

Shelves full of colourful books.Books are an essential resource for academic study (though you will need to go beyond them!). Luckily, we have well over 100,000 of them in the Drill Hall Library, and access to thousands of electronic books as well.

You can find physical and electronic books through your university LibrarySearch, using the options in the left-hand menu.

  • Canterbury Christ Church University - go to LibrarySearch and ensure you are logged in.
  • Greenwich - log in to the Portal, go to the My Learning (students) or Learning Support (staff) page and click the link to LibrarySearch from here. Ensure you log in. This works much more effectively than going directly to LibrarySearch.
  • Kent - go to LibrarySearch and ensure you are logged in.


Ebooks are available from each university - these can be accessed from home and in most cases can be used by multiple people at once.

Search your university LibrarySearch, and select ebooks from the left-hand menu. If no ebook option appears, it simply means we don't have any ebooks for that search, but you can always try a different search.


Note: you may need to view the video in full screen mode to see the captions.

Search the Drill Hall Library catalogue


We don't keep printed copies of theses or dissertations in the library, but you may be able to find them on your institutional repository:

Alternatively, you could try the British Library's EThOS service, which provides access to many theses from UK universities.

Recommend a book

We try really hard to make sure that you have access to all the resources you need.        A blackboard background with the word 'feedback' chalked on in white.

If you:

  • cannot find a reading list text on LibrarySearch
  • think there are too few copies of a text in the library
  • want something specific for your own interest or research

then please contact me to let me know.