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Business: Skills and workshops for business students

A collection of information resources and guidance for Business students

Literature review and project books for Business students

Essential Study and Employment Skills for Business and Management Students
The Business Student's Handbook: skills for study and employment
Skills Development for Business and Management Students: Study and Employability
Brilliant Employabiltiy Skills: how to stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market
Skills for Success
Business Research Methods
Doing a Successful Research Project
Doing a Literature Review
Introducing Research Methodology

Literature Searching

Below is a summary of the suggested steps involved in completing an assignment set by your School:

  • What exactly is your topic?
    e.g. What will be the benefits of a more age diverse workforce?

  • What are the Keywords or phrases?
    e.g. Age Diverse (older workers, retired workers, young people.) + Workforce (employment, organisation, employees.)

  • Are there any alternative words to use?
    e.g. young people or youth
  • Consider the sources of information you can use.
    e.g. books, journals, newspapers, websites, statistics, official organisations etc.

  • Read the information issued by your School carefully.
    and discuss with your tutor if you are unclear.

  • Seek Advice 
    e.g. librarians, study skills advisors and academic staff.

  • Finally
    don't panic! The library is always here to help. Email me for a 1-2-1 appointment.

Reference management

Check out this tutorial on using RefWorks by Andy Prue, a subject librarian at the University of Kent. Click the image to get started!

Screenshot reading: Reference management tools at Kent, Andy Prue