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Business: Legal information

A collection of information resources and guidance for Business students

Useful law books for Business

Please note these texts are taken from the reading list system and reflect reading material assessed as useful for students to use.

Legal information for business

The scales of justice

It is very important to make sure that any information you use on law and legal matters is of high quality, relevant to the UK and up-to-date.

This will be just as true after graduation as it is in academia, if not more so!

Law resources through your university

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The two most useful sources for UK legal information available through the libraries are LexisLibrary and Westlaw. Both available from all 3 Universities at Medway. To access them, you will need to go through your university's A-Z of databases and e-resources.

  • LexisLibrary

    Provides access to some of the most important sources for law in this country, such as Halsbury’s Laws of England and the All England Law Reports, as well as a large amount of case law and legislation.

  • Westlaw UK

    A large database of law sources including legal journals, business information, news, legislation and case law.

Other sources:

  • HeinOnline (available via Greenwich, Kent and CCCU).

    Has a focus on international constitutional law, but also provides access to some legal journals.

  • JustisOne (available via Greenwich, Kent and CCCU)

    Provides a legal search engine, with a focus on legislation and case law around the world.

  • Lawtel (available via Greenwich)

    Access to UK case law from the 1980s to the present.

  • Public Information Online (available via Kent)

    Provides searchable access to all publications from the UK parliament from 2006 onwards.

Web sources for law

  • is the source for all UK legislation and is the best place to check the details of specific acts of parliament and related documents.

  • If you want further information about UK law the University of Kent provide a very useful website called LawLinks. If you are not a Kent student you will not be able to look at anything that is a subscription database. You will identify these as you will be directed to the Kent IT login screen.

  • LawLinks has a variety of resources and provides access to the Electronic Law Library. Here you will find a comprehensive list of legal databases.